Special FX and Events started long before it even had a name! With the love for science and being an avid Radio HAM since the age of 12 LASERS and Sound became a passion for the founder of Special FX and Events. Our CEO, Pierre Rossouw, started in the Disco Tec (Night Club) in 1984 building LASERS, servicing speakers, building Valve amplifiers, and eventually featured regularly in well-known clubs. 

He went on to work for a production company (which eventually retrenched all their staff and closed down) as a laser technician, however, he always wanted to put his qualification as an Electro-Physicist to design shows with more impact by combining pyrotechnics and custom products/acts. He embraced this situation and started working for himself. 

Finally, in 2001 we received more and more requests as the word spread like wildfire of this small; seemingly unknown company that can create whatever the clients dream of.  

This started weighing heavily on Pierre and this is when we made the decision to scale down on working with nightclub equipment, take the plunge into the vast world of entertainment, knowing that we will compete with some of the best companies out there. 

In 2002 we registered Special FX and Events, became registered Pyrotechnicians, investing in equipment that would allow us to design and create an event from the ground up. We have not looked back since… Facing many trials and tribulations, we kept chasing our dream of supplying the event industry with a full house solution with custom acts and equipment catering for your entire event… 


…For the love of Serving people from all walks of like! …


1. Indoor Pyrotechnic Displays.

 2. Outdoor Pyrotechnic Displays.

 3. Special Effects for Film shoots, TV Productions, Music Videos, Promos, Show Reels and much more.

 4. Stage Directing

 5. Event planning

 6. Event Management

 7. Set design

 8. Choreography for dancers, Theatre Productions

 9. Crowd Control

 10. Catering and Décor

 11. Science Events

 12. Weddings

 13. Product launches

 14. Year-end functions

15. Chinese New Years

 16. New Year’s Event

17. Beauty pageants

18. Community Exhibitions and Festivals

19. Corporate and Private Functions

20. Marque, Nomadic and VIP Tents

21. Government Functions (Local, Provincial and National Events)


And SO much more…


22. Flame Projectors 

23. Colour selectable CO2 Geyser Machines

24. Smoke, Low fog, and Hazer Machines

 25. LED Flat PAR lights

26. Moving Heads

27. Full colour (White light) graphic LASERS

 28. Helium Neon, Argon and YAG Beam LASERS

29. LED Suits (Timecode programming)

30. Staging for small private and large corporate events

31. Sound rigs (outdoor and indoor)

32. Jelly lights, Strobe lights, Bubble machines.

33. DMX 512 Mixers and controlling Desks 

34. LASER Gloves 

35. LPG Flame Projectors

36. Corporate Gifts, VIP name Tags 


 …As well as…






(To name a few) 

1. Pyro Sax (Saxophone musician with stage Fireworks coming out of the ‘Bell’ as they play.

2. Electronically operated Balloon runs (Colour Balloons inside another clear balloon shot off with electronic firing systems and) 

3. Adult Human size (Walking-Talking-interactable) ROBOT (Used frequently as an MC, and Techno Marketing, School Events, science conferences 

4. Props for Theatre, Conventions, and school plays

5. Unique wedding favours

6. Unique wedding proposal ideas

7. Flame dancers

8. LED Poi dancers

I can go on and on about who we are and what we do, but all you need to remember is we do what you dream and go where no one goes. Don’t wait another minute! Call /email us today for the best Events in Africa and beyond, stress free and in accordance to International Standards and regulations. 




Need equipment for your next event?

Video & Production
Staging & Set Design
Scenic & Décor
Pre-& Post production
Event management
Production planning
Stage Pyrotechnics


Assuring you of our best Intentions always!

Pierre Rossouw
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Chanttal Rossouw
Creative Director
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