Few experiences get your pulse racing and your senses reacting like a spectacular fireworks display. Whether for a private party or a major national event, pyrotechnics add exhilaration, sound and spectacle, making the event unforgettable: one certain to be enjoyed and remembered by all.

There is no better way to entertain 10 to 10,000 people than with a fireworks display.

Fireworks are truly magical, and are loved by every spectator, from age 2 to 102. 

It knows no boundaries. It is truly an international language.

Pyrotechnics can add excitement, punctuation and inspire visual entertainment to any event.
These breathtaking displays have been an ingredient in celebrations for hundreds of years, and
they are more popular, and technologically captivating, than they have ever been. Pyrotechnics
are the greatest source of excitement, motivation and entertainment.

Fireworks and music, when skill fully choreographed have always been seen as a perfect couple.
(known as a pyro musical) When a soaring note is complimented by a glittering arching comet,
when staccato beats are illustrated by a line of erupting mines, when a climax finale is plastered
across the sky in vivid, pulsating coloured fire, fading only as the final note drifts away into the
night… that is when the two arts seem to combine to create a new emotional dimension.


We understand that companies, regardless of size, scope or industry are makingenormous investments when they opt to host an event. In turn these investments must net solid returns, appeal to a district target audience
and emphasize the clients; messages they seek to communicate.

Special FX and Events has added value to many corporate events throughout Africa. We offer a wide range of special effects. Flame projectors, water screens and water curtains, interactive video production, sensory environments with water and wind effects and custom-built electronics for any purpose. Virtually all our custom equipment has been designed to the clients’ requirements.

From movie sets, movie effects, stage effects, water effects and fire effects,
to custom made props. If you can dream it, we can do it.



We offer unique technically driven solutions that provide maximum impact for:

Corporate conventions | Conference | Corporate announcements
Product Launches | Presentations | Marketing Showcases
Event Management | Event AV Solutions | Event Effectiveness
Corporate Imaging | Multi – City Events | Production Planning

We work together with our clients to find business solutions that work for each individual production and are driven to help you increase both the effectiveness of your next event and return on investment.

Our goal is to become your “Partner of Choice” for shows, events and meetings. We are committed
to doing what it takes to get the job done. We simply want our clients to walk away from the event KNOWING they have worked with the best team of people in the business.

Let’s face it: Results are what matter and so by analysing your business goals we help create,
simple and Relevant Customized content for and from your events.

At Special FX and Events, we pride ourselves in supporting our clients needs at all levels!


Need equipment for your next event?

Video & Production
Staging & Set Design
Scenic & Décor
Pre-& Post production
Event management
Production planning
Stage Pyrotechnics

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